Hey! My name is Eric Deters. You're on my website. Good choice!

This site exists as a space to host my work, whether that's a portfolio of my game design and narrative work, or a collection of my critical writing. If you're eager to see what I've done and will soon do, look no further!

Also, I'm looking for work! I'm a game developer specializing primarily in narrative design, with experience in technical design and scripting. If anything you see here intrigues you, I'd love to talk about any career opportunities in game development and design, particularly in narrative design. You can reach me via email at eric@eric-deters.com!

What's New

  • Lots! I'm wrapping up a site-wide revamp and have been adding a good deal in the process:
    • I've finally completed this homepage!
    • I've added a portfolio of my work!
    • I'm working on reworking the visual style of my written pieces!
  • You can read my latest piece! It's on the game Citizen Sleeper, TTRPGs, and narrative design.